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Sunday, August 13, 2006


I'm gonna take a rope and put it over her shoulders and head for the river and practice on boulders. And when she's real good I'm gonna build a big ramp and me and that bovine gonna vacate this camp. Fly now across the hills. Everyone's watching, gonna give them a thrill.

So pound up that ramp, your hooves sound like thunder. I'm Zeus, you're Pegasus. We're a six-legged wonder. It's our key to success; we'll be famous world over. I'll make lots of money and you'll have sweet clover. Fly now across the sky, fetlocks-a-flappin'. It's just you and I.

Bessie part 2

And I won't tell the airforce about my schemes. I know they'd abuse you for their flying machines. And the farmers will curse me when their cows take off from the fields. No meat for their markets, no milk for thir meals. Fly now across the hills. Everyone's watching, gonna give them a thrill.

So don't let me down, oh, bovine, be risen. Come on, sweet Bessie, be just like my vision. Don't back away Bessie, if you pull I'll push. And we'll weave a nice sine wave up over the bush.

Bessie part 3

Fly now across the hills fetlocks a-flappin' but you're standing still.
Fly now up in the sky Bessie sweet Bessie it's just you and I
(Lyrics by Issa, better known as Jane Siberry)

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