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Monday, August 04, 2008

why it doesn't matter whether there is global warming or not

I am so sick of hearing people argue about whether global really exists and whether we are causing it or not.

I haven't written on this blog in two years -- didn't realize so much time had passed but time flies when you're having chemo.

But back to the global warming dilemma. I keep hearing from scientific types that scientists have proven that global warming either doesn't exist or we, the humans, are not causing it. I am not a scientist, but I read a lot, and most of what I read says we are contributing to the acceleration of global warming, and that we can help to slow it down by reducing our carbon emissions.

But the truth is, people, it just doesn't matter! There are so many other reasons for us to reduce our reliance upon fossil fuels. We don't need global warming as a reason. If it's the kick in the ass that gets people moving, so be it. But what is the point of arguing over it? There is another problem caused by fossil fuels, and I can guarantee it is affecting you and your children with every breath you take. POLLUTION.

Even though we've made a lot of our air in this country LOOK cleaner, it's still very dirty. And so are our rivers, lakes, oceans. (Whoa, are the oceans dirty, and getting dirtier by the minute). Pollution killing the oceans and wildlife of the oceans, the very oceans we rely upon for LIFE.

Here are two very simple things you can do TODAY: 1) Stop using plastic bags! This is such an easy one. Why don't more people do it? Just stop using them. All together. It might take a week or a couple of months to get into the habit, but get a few cloth bags from your local supermarket for a few bucks, and start using them. After you unload them each time, put them by the front door or in the garage or on the front ca seat, somewhere you won't forget them.

In case you've been living under a rock, plastic is made from petroleum. Petroleum-based plastics are not biodegradable, they create a mess when recycled, they're just plain harmful to all life, AND they're not even necessary!

If you need more information to spur you to action, go to www.earthresource.org They've got a lot of information there about just how bad plastic bags are and scary statistics about how big of a problem this is.

2) Stop buying junky little items that are made in China and other countries that have even worse environmental manufacturing standards than the US does. Better yet, think about your buying practices, and consider every single item that you buy. Where was it made? What is it made from? How much waste will be created from this item? We need to change our buying practices to support environmentally friendly companies. Don't eat at restaurants that use styrofoam carry-out containers (and ask the ones that do to stop using this extremely harmful substance -- there are alternatives! Tell them why you are not eating there until they do).

I've got a lot more, and all of them are things I am trying to do in my daily life. (If they aren't, I'll say so, and tell you why).

A friend of mine has a swap once or twice a year where everyone brings a whole bunch of items they don't want, including never-worn clothing and household goods, and swaps them. Everyone leaves happy! Use Freecycle, use Neighborrow, reuse whenever possible. Does your baby really need all new clothes? Is it worth the impact on the environment? Think of the concept of the Seventh Generation and how every item you buy will have an impact on the world for seven generations to come!

I get discouraged at times -- just yesterday I was horrified when we were leaving a state park to see trash strewn EVERYWHERE, hundreds of plastics and papers and junk all over the lawns and parking lot. It was pretty unbelievable. I don't understand what is in people's minds when they throw their trash on the ground and leave it there.

But I also have faith that there are so many people working to better the environment and we CAN do it. So please join me, join we. Let's do it.



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