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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

They Look Cuter in Shoes

The picture of my feet that started it all. (#1 of a series). Taken at the aforementioned Cinco de Mayo bash.


This is from Julia's 3rd semiannual Cinco de Mayo bash! A lovely sleeping dog next to a plate of Snickerhoohas. That's some party! Stella! Not even chocolate could lure you awake.

New Contest Announced : No Fountain This Time

It only seems like I've been all work and no play the past few weeks. Although I do not remember the last time I took a day off (including weekends), at least we are finding some time for recreation, particularly on Sundays. Since Fredi and I both have Sundays "off" in a loose use of the word, we have been scheduling visits with friends.

Over Memorial Day weekend we got to visit our friend Jack (the dog) and his family. For those of you who do not recognize Jack, he is the proud dog of the family of Kim, Tim, Spence and baby Holden in Connecticut. Connecticut only seems far away. On a day with no traffic on I-95 it's under two hours to their house. I stress, "on a day with no traffic on I-95." Luckily Sunday was such a day!

If you'd like to enter the newest blog contest, "Spend a Sunday with Fredi and Lori and Lori's Feet" please send a 3x5 e-mail to lori@truelori.com, including name, number in your party, date of birth, credit card numbers including security code, social security number, blood type, ring size and your preference for canine or feline. Phone call entries will not be accepted. Snail mail entries may receive preference.

Be sure to indicate the Sundays you are available for the next two years, and the approximate driving time (driving distances will not be accepted) from our house to yours under favorable traffic conditions. Offers of delicious burgers, especially garden burgers; yummy pasta, with apple sausage and broccoli; amazing handcrafted desserts such as trifles and cheesecake and homemade potato salad with extra mayonnaise will be duly considered.

There is no deadline for this contest. Winners will be announced on an ongoing basis. Photographs of my feet at your residence and/or members of your family(especially those of the canine or feline variety) may appear on this blog. Those wishing to travel to Sleepy Hollow may enter this contest at your own risk and travel expenses.

Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of the judges based on our availability, your proximity, familial relationship and, frankly, how much we love you. Those whose awards are deferred to a later date should not assume we love you less. Ministers being ordained, grandmothers celebrating 89.5 birthdays, Democrats, musicians, parents of young, cute children, dog owners and cats recently neutered may have a higher chance of winning.

The contest winner of the fountain has not yet claimed her prize. It has not been made clear whether she wants the fountain or the donation to charity. Both prizes are still available and will be awarded at a moment's notice.